Landscapes with figures, exhibition by Claude Pauquet

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An artistic project that reveals an area and its inhabitants

Landscapes with Figures

"The world, if you think about it, is not at anchor". (Philippe Jaccottet, in Paysages avec figures absentes, Gallimard, Paris, 1970)

Claude Pauquet exhibition

(banner photo: Claude Pauquet, Christine TORTEREAU, Disused railway line, OIRON, 13 September 2023)

Claude Pauquet, photographer, invests and reveals a territory and its inhabitants, playing with the diversity of places, landscapes and characters.

Twenty residents of the newcommune of Plaine-et-Vallées have lent themselves to the game, posing in selected locations in the former communes of Brie, Oiron, Saint-Jouin-de-Marnes and Taizé.

They seem to merge with the places in which they are staged in a cinematic light, becoming fictional heroes in which each plays a role, real or dreamt.

Unlike the Trojan War characters in the gallery of 16th-century paintings, the stories of the inhabitants of Plaine-et-Vallées are not given, leaving it up to visitors to imagine them.

With the participation of : Delphine BABIN - Tom DEVASLES and Christiane BABIN - Catherine BERNARD - Angélique, Tom, Louis BERNADAC and Louna LEITE - Vincent BIGOT - Mélanie BRIMAUD - Melba, Layan and Joliana CERVEAUX - Laura DAGOIS Aurélie DOSNE and Laly CHATEAU - Ingrid LESNE - Valérie LIMOGES - Stéphane, Laurence LORADOU and Odette, Daniel SANCHEZ - Dominique and Thierry OBLE - Thierry PELEAU - Anaïs AUGE - Stéphanie PROUILLAC Catherine RICHARD - Petronille RICHARD DE BARDIN - Thelma, Solène and Laure RICHARD DE BARDIN - Christine TORTEREAU

This exhibition has received the support of the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Département des Deux-Sèvres, the commune of Plaine-et-Vallées and theAssociation des Amis d'Oiron.

Château d'Oiron is a member of the association Astre: réseau art plastique et visuels Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Claude Pauquet, exposition "Paysages avec figures" (Delphine BABIN Ligne haute tension, l’Ormeau de Beauregard, OIRON 11 février 2024)

Photo Claude Pauquet, High voltage line, l'Ormeau de Beauregard, Delphine Babin, Oiron, February 2024

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